Interested in VIP private coaching? I take on a limited number of private clients each month—mission-driven, status-quo-busting humans needing to prepare for a pitch, a speech, or a whole level-up—who are ready to bring their best self into their greatest moments. Who want a strategy to get more power, now.

If this is you, scroll down and let's talk. See if you're right for a power hour, a half-day of Voxer support, or a full VIP Day with me. 

BUT PLEASE NOTE: While I'm on my book tour the first half of 2023, I encourage you to take READY, my self-guided digital course. It's practical tools plus big permission work, made entirely by me with videos and love to shed the shoulds and find your power. It is for you, and ready when you are. 



  • Get you feeling confident and free expressing the heart of your message not just with words but with non-verbals as well. Practice blending authenticity and power, your way. Practice caring out loud, which is how impact happens.
  • Find more ease for you in accent or cultural barriers. Find your leadership voice despite tricky office politics, power dynamics, or voice biases at play. We will approach your challenges through a social justice lens.
  • Clear out your mindgunk. Detox your relationship to your voice and neutralize the "shoulds" you've picked up from family, toxic work environments, or entrenched cultural stories. AKA UNLEARN TERRIBLE ADVICE.
  • Work your dynamics: learn literal voice and speech technique, including breath, pitch, tone, pace, and volume. Know your voice and its strengths. Learn how to tap into them consistently.
  • Hone your content and structure. I have extensive experience helping craft stories and speeches in partnership with candidates for office, diplomats, start-up founders, creatives, business leaders, academics, and TED speakers, and am happy to get into the details with you.

Full VIP Days include lunch on me and email support the following day as you process. If you want to overcome your voice and speaking drama quickly and with great joy, this package is for you. VIP Days collapse time and slog to give you freedom and fun, faster than you might think possible. This is my superpower, and I'm pleased to offer it in the service of you and your mission.



Chris Bubser, candidate for United States Congress

“Over the course of a single VIP day, Samara taught me how to use my voice–how to use my own voice that I’ve been unable to access on command for my entire life.

And I also left with a warm up I entirely trusted to get me there over and over again, and a stump speech that I was so ready to deliver and have fun with. Samara blew my mind, and the best part, honestly, is that it worked.”

Hannah Diop, Co-Founder, with Issa Rae, Sienna Naturals

“Working with Samara was a total gamechanger as I began pitching my product to high profile retailers.

I went to one of the best business schools in the country. But you know what they don’t teach? How to show up in a pitch meeting with a story that reveals your heart. Or how to own your voice. Or how to speak so investors lean in. Samara’s coaching was an essential piece of my company’s success story.”

Spade Robinson, Hollywood writer

“Samara’s workshop was like going to public speaking church!”


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