Grab some swag and change the story!!

'Cuz here's what's up: girls and women, queer folks, anyone with an accent that codes for race or class or not-from-around-here—too many of us wish we sounded more powerful, or that we didn’t have to try so hard to get taken seriously. 

It’s BEYOND time to change the story and bust that shame.

For us, for our friends, for the rising leaders dreaming of a better world.

So I’m thrilled to offer a way to WEAR YOUR PERMISSION AND DRINK YOUR POWER, and I'm honored to partner with the brilliant and hope-fueled org DemocraShe so each item purchased means we SPREAD THE PERMISSION, too.

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Get yours here! Wear your permission and drink your power!

Introducing a Limited Edition Permission Pack. Treat yourself to a Permission Pack (necklace + exclusive mug + a few surprise goodies in a pretty box hand-packed with love) and enjoy the added boost of knowing that a percentage of your purchase goes directly to DemocraShe, a program training future leaders to use their voices for good. 


> Only 50 boxes in this drop. Each signed and numbered.

> Shipping is included (US and Canada only).

> Packs will be mailed mid-January. Because 2023: Year of Permission, y'all!!




DemocraShe is a nonpartisan program that trains and empowers diverse female-identifying high school students—our future political candidates from traditionally underrepresented populations—to flood our world with intersectional female leaders for generations to come.

DemocraShe creates a safe, brave, joyful space where young women receive the support and guidance they need to pursue the roles they deserve.

If this mission speaks to you, you can help fund workshops and support our future leaders by purchasing a Permission Pack or simply by making a direct donation.

Let’s change the sound of power, together. Samara and Team Permission are so giddy to be able to shout out about this astounding organization, and thank you for your support.

Learn more about DemocraShe here.




This campaign has been developed for Samara Bay with Love of Good Co. to create a full circle of giving back that is in alignment with shared passions.