Finally a doable + deep approach to pitching 🎉

Note: this is to pitch ANYTHING. Book, pod, idea, self, a run for office, to get investors. The foundation is ALL THE SAME.

👉🏼 I got asked for this workshop so often I finally made it! 90 juicy minutes!

🔥 Background is I pitched and sold a podcast to iHeartRadio with no following, then a book to Penguin Random House in a 13-way bidding war -- and along the way coached founders on their pitches, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, and artists.

🎉 Now I've turned my approach into this workshop. It's PERMISSION TO SPEAK in action. It was recorded live and was SO well received, I'm offering the recording!

Inside you'll find:

  • The original written one-sheet pitch I submitted to iHeartRadio, so you've got a sample.
  • Access to me monthly for drop-in office hours!

Pitching gets you yeses. Pitching is justice work. Pitching makes us all more human.

Here's how 👉🏼

What People Are Saying:

That was one of the most insightful webinars I've attended in a long time!! Not only did you make it relatable, but it was also a topic that I've never heard anyone talk about. I held tears back because you hit the bullseye for me. I didn't know how to articulate what I felt all these years, and kept saying this is just who I have to be to survive and be taken seriously. Biggest takeaway is that you ignited hope that I can work on finally being free wholeheartedly.

A. C. (entrepreneur)

This session was INCREDIBLE. It felt like a warm hug. I laughed, I cried. And the very next morning...I had the start to an outline for an idea I've had for YEARS.

C. S. (creative director)

I loved this workshop! I felt so energized during and after, and I walked away feeling both in my body and confident about sharing more of myself. The invitation to spread care resonated, and it was the exact message I needed to hear as I promote my debut book. THANK YOU for what you are putting into the world, Samara.

K. D. (author)

Your message was powerful and made me feel heard and validated as a human being.

J. V. (entrepreneur)

$197.00 USD





The purpose of these Workshop Terms (the “Workshop Terms”) is to explain the terms and conditions you agree to by purchasing access to the HOW TO PITCH recorded workshop hosted by THE WILD VOICE, INC. (the “Company”) and facilitated by Samara Hayes, commonly known as Samara Bay (“SB”).



The Privacy Policy and the Website Terms of Use located at (the “Website”) apply to these Workshop Terms and are incorporated herein by reference.



The HOW TO PITCH workshop is a nearly 90 minute recorded Zoom workshop facilitated in a group setting (the “Program”). By purchasing the Program through the Website, you will be receiving the following services:

  • 1 recorded workshop;
  • 1 sample written pitch document based on SB's original one-sheet for iHeartRadio;
  • Ongoing drop-in office hours with SB to be held monthly or quarterly over Zoom. Terms subject to change;


You will not be receiving any formal private coaching or other products or services offered by the Company other than what is stated above. If you wish to purchase other products or engage in other Services offered by the Company or SB you must enter into a separate agreement.



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The HOW TO PITCH workshop is a coaching program that requires you to participate in order to see your desired results. Your duties as a participant of the Program include: making the best effort including, but not limited to, consuming the content, participating in the Zoom office hours if you desire coaching, abiding by the HOW TO PITCH workshop rules including changes to the rules from time to time, and cooperating with requests for feedback and testimonials. The Company reserves the right to terminate your membership or participation in the Program for violating any applicable rules or creating an environment that does not align with the values of SB and the Company: “This is for you if you're committed to anti-racism, gender justice, and dismantling oppressive structures where you are.”


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Nothing in these Online Terms and nothing in the Company’s statements to you shall be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome or development of your business or speaking aspirations.


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